UnityDrive lets you work on files in Unity or right on your computer. Everything is automatically updated everywhere. It’s that simple. Some days it’s just easier to work on matter files right on your desktop – but how do you keep track of what’s what and what’s where?

Powered by UnitySmartSync technology, UnityDrive keeps everything automatically updated for you no matter where you choose to work – and guarantees continuous data availability.


Sure is! Whatever changes you make to files on your local UnityDrive folder on your computer are smart-synced and automatically updated everywhere. So Unity and your local files stay in lockstep.

Nope. Save time by having all your files right there on your computer and the confidence they will automatically update in Unity. Pro tip – it’s faster to drag documents to UnityDrive than uploading them to Unity via a browser. Score.

Sure can. Work away on your computer, and the next time you have an internet connection UnitySmartSync technology will ensure files are synced and available everywhere.

Yes. Save on the cost of external cloud storage solutions with the confidence that all your matters are backed up and securely synced with UnityDrive

UnityDrive is included in your transaction costs. Unity is the only web-based application with built-in file sync features.

  1. Request access to UnityDrive
  2. Install UnityDrive on your computer
  3. UnityDrive keeps all your files updated. Everywhere.

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Unity is Canada’s leading practice management solution with the most feature rich conveyancing workflows and integrations built in. Unity lets you manage your practice more efficiently than ever before and is continuously evolving with innovative and timesaving features to help legal professionals keep pace with the rapidly changing needs of their clients and thrive in today’s highly competitive marketplace.



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