how to choose the right legal accounting software for my law firm in Canada

Choosing the Right Canadian Legal Accounting Software for Your Law Firm: Tips for Selection and Optimization

The Language of Business

Accounting has evolved over the years from merely being a method of record-keeping to a crucial aspect of any business, often referred to as the language of business. Proper accounting practices are critical for the survival and success of a law firm. Even if a lawyer decides to sell their practice eventually, accurate and reliable historical accounting records can be the difference between a modest return and a substantial payout. Technology and automation have significantly revolutionized accounting practices. Gone are the days of manual bookkeeping and ledgers, as software programs and cloud-based tools have simplified and advanced the practice, making accounting tasks more accessible and efficient.

Many legal accounting software options have emerged to help legal practitioners improve cash flow and manage their firm’s finances effectively. Beyond efficiency benefits, accurate and up-to-date financial records are crucial for law firms to comply with regional and federal regulatory standards, especially regarding trust accounting, source of funds and client ID verification. Therefore, choosing the right legal accounting software is critical. However, with so many options available, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. In this article, we detail some considerations when choosing legal accounting software and highlight key features of some of the best legal accounting software available in Canada.


How to Choose the Best Legal Accounting Software in Canada

how to choose the right legal accounting software for my law firm in Canada


1)    Determine Your Firm’s Needs

To start, figure out what your practice needs in terms of accounting. Doing this will help you make informed decisions when choosing software that fits your requirements. Consider factors such as the volume of transactions you have, the number of users needing access to the software, the types of financial reports you will need to generate, and any special accounting requirements specific to your practice area. General requirements, regardless of practice area, are:

  • Accurate record-keeping: Ensuring that financial information is correct and up to date is especially important in the legal industry, where even minor errors can lead to severe consequences. Reliable accounting software can help maintain accurate records by automating the recording and tracking of financial transactions, reducing the risk of errors caused by manual data entry. This feature allows law firms to focus on their clients and legal work while the software takes care of the financial management.
  • Regulatory compliance: Your accounting system and practices should comply with the Law Society guidelines in your areas of operation. Therefore, you need software designed specifically for or customized for the Canadian legal industry.
  • Built for lawyers: Legal professionals have multiple tasks to accomplish throughout their day, and technology should make your day easier, not more complicated. Look out for easy and intuitive software—built around a lawyer’s workflow, not just general accounting practices.
  • Integration, customizability, and scalability: Software integration can help streamline your financial management processes and reduce the risk of errors. When considering software for your firm, it’s important to think not only about your current requirements but also anticipate future needs. You should invest in software that easily integrates into your existing practice management software and future expansion plans as your practice grows. Think of it like buying modular furniture; you may start with a three-seater sofa and continue to add pieces as your home expands until you end up with a 7-seater sectional plus an ottoman. If you don’t consider your future needs, you may end up replacing your furniture multiple times instead of just adding to it, which can be an expensive and time-consuming process.

2)    Look for Time-Saving Features

Legal accounting software should save you time and make your financial management processes more efficient. Look for software that includes time-tracking, billing, and trust accounting features to help streamline your workflow.

3)    Evaluate Security Features

Legal professionals handle sensitive financial information, making security a top priority in legal accounting software. Choose software with robust security features such as two-factor authentication, data encryption, secure backup, and regular updates.

4)    Consider Customer Support

Another important consideration is the quality and level of customer support offered by the software provider. Choose a provider that offers responsive, knowledgeable, and local customer support, as well as training resources, to ensure that you can use the software effectively.


Features of the Best Legal Accounting Software in Canada


While there are many legal accounting software options, the best ones have a range of features that meet the accounting needs of most law firms. Here are some key features of the best legal accounting software in Canada:


  • Time and Expense Tracking

    This functionality is crucial to avoiding underbilling or overbilling clients. It lets you easily track time and expenses spent on different tasks, whether billable or non-billable. A good legal accounting software solution should allow users to track time by user, client, and task and integrate with other financial management features such as billing and trust accounting.

  • Trust Accounting

    Trust accounting is a critical feature of legal accounting software, as it allows you to manage client funds held in trust. The software should include features such as the ability to manage multiple trust accounts, reconcile trust accounts, and generate trust account reports.

  • Client Management

    Canadians have embraced technology in their professional lives and expect the same level of convenience and efficiency in the services they receive. According to the latest Dye & Durham Canadian Pulse Report, almost half of all Canadians believe that lawyers and notaries would benefit from incorporating more technology into their services and delivery methods. Legal accounting software with built-in CRM capabilities can offer such benefits with features like direct billing, payment reminders, and online payment.

  • Invoicing and Billing

    Billing features that allow you to easily create and send invoices to clients are essential to legal accounting software. This feature should include the ability to track billable hours, expenses, and disbursements, and should be integrated with time tracking and trust accounting features. It should also support complex and varied billing structures like retainer, hourly, flat fee, and contingency arrangements.

  • Automated Financial Reporting and Analytics

    Legal accounting software should include built-in financial reporting and analytic capabilities that allow you to generate and analyze reports such as balance sheets, income statements, cash flow statements, and other reports required to run your firm profitably. The software should also allow you to generate custom reports and reconcile statements based on your firm’s accounting needs.

  • Payroll and Taxes

    Payroll and taxes are important internal financial functions that play a crucial role in the smooth operation of a law firm. Reliable legal accounting software can automate these functions, eliminating the need for manual calculation, saving time, reducing costs, and minimizing errors. The software can also automate tax calculations, making it easier for law firms to comply with tax regulations.


Unity® Accounting: The #1 Choice for Canadian Legal Professionals

Unity Accounting


Unity® Accounting is an all-in-one accounting and billing software solution developed by Dye & Durham. Designed for the Canadian legal industry, Unity® Accounting enables you to improve cash flow and maximize your firm’s efficiency by making billing easier and helping you get paid faster. It ensures compliance with the guidelines and by-laws of the provincial Law Societies, making it the top choice of thousands of legal professionals in the country.


Main Features

  • Complete: Unity® Accounting is a comprehensive accounting solution that caters specifically to the needs of lawyers, law firms, and their accountants. It offers enterprise-level functionality and ensures data integrity, making it ideal for small, mid-sized, and large firms. With Unity® Accounting, you can handle all your legal accounting requirements without needing third-party accounting solutions.
  • Direct billing & online payments: With built-in credit card processing, client payment portal and more, this powerful and easy-to-use software streamlines and simplifies the billing and receiving payments processes.
  • Client and practice management: With added practice management functionality, including shared calendaring, email/SMS reminders, client and contact management, collaboration tools, and many more features to help you streamline your practice operations, Unity® Accounting offers a single solution to help manage your firm’s finances, from intake to invoice.
  • Rapid reporting: Cutting-edge technology enables users to generate detailed, comprehensive reports with great ease, speed, and accuracy.
  • Software integration: Integrates seamlessly with Canada’s leading practice management solution, Unity® Practice Management, and other legal software solutions.
  • Canadian customer support: Based in Canada, our team of highly trained experts offers personalized technical support. We focus on exceptional customer service and work to resolve any issues efficiently and with courtesy.

Gain a competitive edge with the best legal accounting software in Canada, trusted by thousands of legal professionals. Contact us to learn more, request a demo or get started with Unity® Accounting. Visit the Dye & Durham website to learn more about our complete suite of legal practice management solutions.

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