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Only users with administrator access can enable users and reset the password.

Please contact the administrator of your account or have the administrator authorize us to enable or reset your password.


Do you need a copy of your invoice and/or eCorp's detailed Annual License Fee statement?
Do you need to request a refund or credit?

How-to / General knowledge

Have you reviewed the knowledgebase?

Please visit our help center that has step-by-step guide to help you fulfill all your transactions

Frequently Asked Questions – Dye & Durham Help Centre (

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Document Customization

Would you like to create and/or amend your master document or letterhead?

All document customization requests can now be submitted directly through our help center. Please submit your request by completing the form found in the following link:

Data Correction

Do you need to restore a company in eCorp?
Do you need to delete or reset a transaction?

Due to legal liability, we are unable to add or amend any information on your file. Our client care team would be happy to delete or reset any transactions on your behalf.

Please provide us the company's name and a detailed instruction of what needs to be deleted or reset.

Do you need to correct any of your own company or contact's information?

Technical issue / Error message

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Please provide us the company's name, details of the steps you performed as well as a detailed screenshot of your issue. 

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