eCore Training

eCore is Canada’s leading technology portal to public records data. Use this page to register for live training, access pre-recorded videos and other eCore resources. 

eCore Features

Electronic Due Diligence

Obtain instant and reliable information about corporations, businesses and individuals across Canada and the United States.

Incorporation & Business Organization

Streamline all tasks involved in starting and managing an entity using eCore’s intuitive online solution.

PPSA Searches & Registrations

Search, register, renew or amend liens in any Canadian jurisdiction with eCore’s comprehensive lien management solution.


Eliminate the need to sift through pages of PPSA or Due Diligence results with eCore’s real-time data summarization, eSummary™ reports.

Webinar Registration

Live webinars have concluded. Please watch a recording of a previous training session. 

Funding Your eCore Account

eCore is a deposit account that allows you to pre-load the funds you require for your expected volume of transactions. We encourage you to tailor your deposit amount based on your previous monthly invoices.

To process transactions, you must have available funds in the account. You can fund your account via credit card, online banking, EFT or by Cheque. Watch the video below to learn how to fund your account.

eCore Pre-Recorded Videos

These videos have been previously recorded  for you to reference at any time post-migration.


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