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Maximum file size: 52.43MB

Do you need to request a refund?

All order fees, including document and priority fees, go directly to the Property Management Company with whom you placed the order. Dye & Durham collects a service fee only. If you wish to discuss a credit or refund, please contact the property management company directly. You can do so by using the messages tab on your order details screen.

Do you have duplicate charges for this order?
When you initially place your order, you are given an estimated cost of that order. Then a pre-authorization in the amount of the order estimate is held against your credit card.

Once the order is paid for, this pre-authorized amount will be released from your credit card in 1 to 5 business days depending on your financial institution.

If you still think that you were charged twice, please continue below.

Do you still have duplicate charges for this order?

Maximum file size: 52.43MB

New user creation

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Please note, that the basic LTSA Explorer account cannot access eStrataHub. If you are not a licensed professional trying to register/place an order, you will have to register with APIC directly.

How-to / General knowledge

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Please visit our knowledge base here:

Technical Issue / Error Message

Is the issue that the Property Manager was not found?

We are an optional third-party service that Property Managers use to provide documents to clients. We are not a mandatory service.

Our list of participating Property Managers is here:

Please ensure you have checked this list before submitting a request. If the PM is on the list and you still cannot place an order, submit the Strata Plan and PM below for assistance. We cannot assist with finding who manages a property. If you do not know the PM, we suggest contacting building management

Are you placing this order through myLTSA?

Please click the top-right icon of eStrataHub and click Log out. Then go to LTSA and also log out.

Then log back in through LTSA and click Service Providers>eStrataHub to make your attempt again. You may have to complete this step twice.

Please try clearing the cache/cookies of your browser and trying again. Otherwise, please provide a detailed description in the box below.

Which issue appears when trying to place an order?

Please manually add more funds to your LTSA account. We cannot assist with adding more funds. If you require assistance with this, contact LTSA.

Orders started through LTSA cannot be paid with Credit Card. You must add more funds to your LTSA account.

If you wish to pay by Credit Card you will need to register with us and restart your order from scratch.

Please be as descriptive as possible.

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