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Last updated January 2024

Important information regarding forms:  PDF Forms no longer work with older versions of Adobe Reader, including Adobe Reader XI. Please update your free Adobe Reader to the latest version from the Acrobat Reader download page so that you can continue to access these forms. Please only use Adobe to complete the forms as the forms are not compatible with other PDF software.

Please always send us the fillable PDF form (unsigned, with blue text boxes visible). Please always include your entity name in your subject line.

To submit for processing: Please submit your completed fillable form through “Other Ministry Filings” on eCore, or send by email to [email protected].

Disclaimer: The Ministry may update these forms from time to time. Please ensure you are using the latest version of the forms, as the Ministry may not accept outdated forms.

Download Ministry Forms

You must download the file and then open with Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat v.8 or higher to view the form.

Filing Instructions Only

Open with Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat v.8 or higher.

Filing Tips

Form Download Instructions

Download the forms and complete them with Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader version 8 and later, otherwise, you will receive an error message. If you are having issues opening the forms, first open Adobe and then open the downloaded document from Adobe directly (File -> Open). To learn more, visit:

Company Key: A 9-digit number your client can provide to you by signing up on the Ontario Business Registry website.

In many scenarios, you can leave the company key requirement blank, as Dye & Durham has blanket or delegated authority to complete these transactions without it. Learn more at our FAQS.

Please note that forms cannot be printed where a company key has not been entered. To print your forms, you can simply enter 9 zeros in the field. By including a placeholder company key in your forms there will be no implications for your filing.

Official Email Address: All official correspondence for the company from the Province of Ontario will be sent to the Official Email Address. The address should be an individual with the legal duty to manage the business. The official e-mail address will not appear on the public record.

NAICS code: A NAICS code is a classification within the North American Industry Classification System. NAICS has been designed for statistical purposes. See the directory to select the most applicable NAICS code for the filing.

Submit Forms for Filing Instructions:

Please submit the completed forms using the form fill functionality and send them to [email protected] as attachments, along with any schedules and agreements. In your email, you may specify the filing date.

Several fields within the forms provided have character limits which can prevent you from entering the full text required. If you are unable to fit your entire block of text into a field within the required form the text can be provided in a separate attached document. If providing text within a separate document, please indicate the following within the text field within the form: “[SEE ATTACHED]” and provide complete text in a separate document.

We ask that you do not email any scanned versions of the PDF forms as they are not supported at this time. Schedules and agreements may be uploaded and submitted in any format.

More Information

For more information, check out our FAQs here:

Customer Support:

E: [email protected]

P: 1-888-577-9177

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Turnaround Times

Turnaround times listed below are from when the filing gets submitted to when it is returned to you. Your filing requests will be submitted to the Ministry within 1-3 business days.

SERVICE - Business Corporations ActDye & DurhamEmail/Mail to MGCS
Incorporation, Amalgamation, Amendment Restated Articles, Winding up (1st, 2nd filing)Same Day, Incorporation immediate through eCore7 - 15 Business Days
Winding-up with court order, Dissolution, Continuation in Ontario, Authorization to Continue Out, Revival, Reorganization, Arrangement2 Business Days7 - 15 Business Days
Corrected Articles2 - 3 Weeks4 - 6 Weeks
SERVICE – Not-for-Profit Corporations Act
IncorporationSame Day7 - 15 Business Days
Amalgamation, Amendment Restated Articles, Dissolution, Continuation in Ontario, Authorization to Continue Out, Revival, Reorganization, Arrangement, Voluntary Winding up - Notice of Special Resolution, Voluntary Winding up - Notice of Holding Meeting, NFPCA - Court-Ordered Winding up - Liquidators Appointment, NFPCA - Court-Ordered Winding up - Dissolution Order5 Business Days7 - 15 Business Days
Corrected Articles2 - 3 Weeks4 - 6 Weeks
SERVICE - Extra-Provincial Corporations Act
Termination Extra-provincial licenseSame Day7 - 15 Business Days
Extra-provincial license, Amended Extra-provincial license5 Business Days7 - 15 Business Days
Corrected Extra-provincial license2 - 3 Weeks4 - 6 Weeks
SERVICE - Corporations Information Act
Initial Return / Notice of Change (Ontario Corporation), Annual Return (Ontario Corporation), Annual Return (Extra-Provincial Corporation)Immediate through eCore7 - 15 Business Days
Initial Return (Extra-Provincial Corporation) / Notice of Change (Extra-Provincial Corporation)2 Business Days7 - 15 Business Days
SERVICE – Business Names Act – Sole Proprietorship, General Partnership and Business Name for Corporations, Partnership/Limited Partnership, Limited Liability Partnership, Extra-Provincial Limited Liability Partnership/Limited Liability Company
New, Renewal, Amendment. CancellationSame Day7 - 15 Business Days
SERVICE – Limited Partnership Act
New Filing or RenewalSame Day7 - 15 Business Days
Late RenewalSame Day7 - 15 Business Days
ChangeSame Day7 - 15 Business Days
DissolutionSame Day7 - 15 Business Days
WithdrawalSame Day7 - 15 Business Days

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